Running Rails for Horse Racing

At the conception of the 'Barriers' rail systems our core feature was to have maximum capibility from a minimum number of parts.  We believe that over the last 20 years that we have proved this key objective and our products are truly adaptable.

Many of the rails used on racecourses today are as a direct result of  'Barriers' leadership. 

We developed -

  • a running rail system that did not require any support above ground level.
  • a double rail system supported on a single post
  • a rail system that absorbs impact

The 'Barriers Rail' is the wise choice - infinitely variable to cover all racetrack requirements.

Premier Rail

Our top of the range system. A single racerail on swanneck (90°) posts.

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Post Safety Fuse

The safest running rail ever developed.

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Mid Course

A double rail system for dividing a wide track.

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"During my time as a Racecourse Manager I have used Barriers’ Racerail extensively. It is very safe, long lasting & a high quality product."
Adam Waterworth, MD Donacster Racecourse.

"We are very pleased with the rail both from a practical and aesthetic point of veiw."
PWF Arkwright, formerly Clerk of Course Haydock Park Racecourse.

"As Head Groundsman I have worked with the Barriers running rail and crowd barrier systems for many years.  I am pleased to recommend their products whole-heartedly."
Maurice Crooks, Head Groundsman Haydock Park Racecourse

"We have compared the products of Barriers International with the products of other suppliers and we are satisfied that Barriers products are strong, safe and cost effective.  We have found the products need little maintenance and the fence line remains straight and true."
N E S Lees, formerly CEO Newmarket Racecourses.