Multiple Rails

Barriers were the first to introduce multiple rail systems at St Cloud, Paris in 1999.

The System is designed to deter horses from attempting to jump over standard height Running Rails in areas where there might be a danger on the other side such as raised Unloading Ramps. It is often used behind Starting Stalls/Gates when horses are contained in a restricted area.

The system is also very useful at the end of Straights or Chutes to show galloping horses that there is an impasse.

Dependent on the exact requirement we offer systems in combinations 2, 3 or 4 rails high or approximately 2.50 metres high.

The main support posts are internally braced and normally set in concrete footings.

Chute backrails

Other Images

Horsebox unloading rampAssembly areaHorsebox unloading ramp


Barriers can install and configure this product to our exacting standards.
See our Installation Page for more details.

Product Specifications

ColoursAll White or Green & White Top Rail
Post spacing2.62
Areas of useChutes Ends

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