Post Safety Fuse

In 2007 Barriers developed the most important safety device to be introduced into horseracing since the beginning of the sport.

In recent years the authorities in Australia requested the use of a break-away post in all new RunningRail systems. The Barriers PostFuse is a perfect response to this requirement.

The PostFuse:

  • Is a single unit
  • Will fit our standard GroundFixings
  • Is cost effective
  • Can be fitted retrospectively
  • Is simple to install

Following an intensive test program the Barriers ‘PostFuse’ gained the required 3Star rating.  The tests were carried out at the Autoliv Laboratories, in Melbourne, Australia.  The tests were overseen and evaluated by DVExperts.

The Barriers PostFuse is covered by an Australia patent application and manufactured in Australia.

Barriers are confident that their PostFuse will transform workplace safety for Jockeys in the Sport of Horseracing.

Post Safety Fuse

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Barriers can install and configure this product to our exacting standards.
See our Installation Page for more details.

Product Specifications

Post spacingN/A
Areas of useAll running rail systems.

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"This is the most important development for the safety of Jockeys; I congratulate you and thanks"                                      International Jockey.

"That's magic, jockeys riding now will be well happy"
Brent Thomson, Retired International Jockey.

"I will promote this development wherever I can"
Greatest Jump Jockey.