Barriers International has always put safety at the heart of their design development. Since our earliest days we have consulted widely with experts from the many sports. We are an innovative and progressive company never compromising our ideals while leading the way forward in our search for a safer sports environment.

Our developments include:

  • The use of smooth round profiles
  • The ‘FrangiblePin’ for the Sport of Eventing
  • Impact Absorbing CrowdBarriers

and now

  • The ‘PostFuse’ making Horseracing a safer workplace for Jockeys

Since the introduction of our Rails in 1989 we have offered the safest systems:

In Horse Racing:

  • Barriers’ running rails never have metal above ground
  • Barriers’ rails contain a horse within the track
  • Barriers’ posts are free to rotate
  • Barriers’ use high quality and 100% virgin materials
  • Barriers’ systems have a long life

In CrowdBarriers:

  • Our barriers meet the criteria of the ‘Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds’
  • Our barriers absorb impact
  • Our barriers are smooth and round
  • Our barriers will display advertising safely
  • Our barriers are manufactured from high quality 100% virgin materials

All our safety videos are uncut and have not been tampered with in any way.

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Video showing a jockey falling into Barriers Racerail rail.

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Video showing a crash test dummy hitting Barriers Post Safety Fuse

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